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Injured at work? Talk to us, and claim what's rightfully yours

Your employer has a duty of care to provide a safe working environment, minimising risks and hazards wherever possible. If you've been injured and it wasn't your fault, we can help you claim compensation.

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Injured at work? We're here to help.

The fact that we spend the majority of our time at our workplace means that unfortunately work injuries are relatively common in every line of work.

If you've been injured at work and your employer was responsible, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

We understand that deciding whether to make a claim after being injured at work is a tough decision. It may seem easier to keep your head down and avoid any complications.

However, if your injuries were caused by the actions or carelessness of your employer, you're legally entitled to claim compensation.

Making a claim can pay for any medical treatment you need and cover any wages lost as a result of time taken off work to recover, but may also help make your work place safer for everyone else. 

Work Injuries and the law

Firstly, if you've been injured at work, you're not alone - we handle thousands of work injury claims every year. What's more, our 20 years' experience in work injury claims tells us that people often worry unnecessarily about:

- Being dismissed for claiming compensation: It's actually against the law for an employee to be fired for making a work injury claim - this would be an 'unfair dismissal' and leave the employer open to further legal action.

- Their claim impacting upon the company's performance: Those who work for small businesses may be particularly worried about this, but by law, your employer must have insurance to cover the costs of any compensation claims, meaning it's the insurance company that pays out if compensation is awarded.

- Having to go to court: The truth is less than 3% of our injury claims end up in court. This is because your employer's insurance company has to pay all of your lawyer's fees as well as their own if they lose, so they will often want to settle as soon as possible.

- Expensive legal fees: All of our solicitor firms will be able to handle your claim on a no win no fee basis, meaning making a claim is risk-free.

Claiming compensation for work injuries

If you've been injured at work, we understand what you're going through. Work Injuries Helpline aims to provide you with all the information you need about work injuries and work injury claims.

If you're not sure whether you have a claim, or would like to get started, give us a call or start your claim online. The call is completely free, and a quick chat with one of our legally trained advisors will give you the answers you need.

If you then decide not to pursue your claim, that's absolutely fine - there's no pressure and no obligation.

Work Injury Claims

Making a work injury claim can seem daunting. We do everything we can to make the experience as hassle-free as possible.


Claiming Against an Employer

"Employees are owed a duty of care by their employer"
Angelina Rigby, Personal Injury Solcitor

Ian Anderson was awarded £2,500

Ian contacted us after suffering a hand injury at work. He was frustrated with his employer's unsympathetic response.